Self Ligating Empower Brackets

Empower is the industry’s most complete self-ligating bracket system, bringing you a choice as you’ve never had before. Empower’s unique design options not only adapt to your treatment philosophies, but they also allow treatment to be tailored to your patients’ needs. This unprecedented array of possibilities inspires you to treat patients your way. Empower puts control back in your hands.

  • Clear bracket combines performance with patient-pleasing aesthetics
  • Metal brackets offer fully interactive, fully passive, or combination Dual Activation™ options


Empower braces are up to 3 times smaller than standard braces and they have a small jewel like appearance. They won’t discolor like “clear” braces or the colored elastics found on standard braces. This eliminates the “railroad track” look that many people considering orthodontic treatment find unacceptable.


Empower braces are more hygienic. Their small size and absence of the “wings” (which often catch and trap food) make it easier to clean. It is very important to maintain good oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. It is much easier to brush and clean the miniaturized and rounded surfaces of Empower braces.


Only Empower braces store energy. Recent advances in manufacturing technology and orthodontic appliance design have resulted in the development of a sophisticated, miniaturized spring-loaded brace that actually “stores” energy. The spring is activated only when the tooth is not in its correct position, which we determine during your diagnosis and treatment planning. With cooperation, normal orthodontic treatment time of two years or more will often be reduced by Empower braces. This is due to the continuous light force provided by the Empower brace’s spring clip. This feature also reduces frictional drag on the archwire, enabling the teeth to move more readily. We will be happy to review the various types of orthodontic appliances available and recommend which would be best for you during your consultation. Detailed information on diagnosis, treatment planning, and projected length of treatment will also be discussed at this time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]