The Invisalign Process

At your initial consultation (we offer this to new patients at no cost), our doctors will review your condition and evaluate whether Invisalign treatment is right for you.

We’ll take a detailed 3D digital impression/mold of your mouth using our iTero scanner. In about ten minutes or less, it provides us with an accurate 3D image of your teeth that can be viewed on a computer.

Once the 3D scan is complete, our doctors will create a treatment plan which includes the exact movements of your teeth and how long it will take. We will view the images with you, and you’ll even be able to preview what your teeth will look like after Invisalign treatment.

Next, your custom aligners will be created from our doctor’s prescribed treatment plan for you. They’re virtually invisible, which is a huge benefit to patients who want a less noticeable treatment option. As you go through each set of aligners, your teeth will gradually shift into their new, desired positions.