It’s unfortunate how often we talk to friends who have received Invisalign treatment, but are disappointed with the outcome. There are also many times where their front teeth are now straight, but their “bite” is now off because the treatment was not properly managed.

Here is our first of many tips to help you understand Invisalign treatment.

Tip #1: It’s all in the virtual set-up (ClinCheck)


What is a ClinCheck? After your doctor takes impressions of your teeth, he sends them to the Invisalign laboratory where a digital set-up of your teeth is created. Your doctor, in conjunction with a lab technician, creates a virtual treatment plan, from which your plastic Invisalign aligners will be made.

Most doctors don’t put the effort or time into setting up the proper ClinCheck. Setting up a proper treatment plan (ClinCheck) is the most critical step to success. There are times when it takes us 3-6 revisions, communicating back and forth with the technician, to get it right. If the virtual treatment is not set-up correctly, you’ll never get the result you want. Make sure your doctor is putting in his due diligence when setting up your virtual ClinCheck.