Do I Need a New Retainer?

The removal of braces is akin to a graduation ceremony for teeth, bringing joy not only to your children but also to you and your children’s teeth. However, after braces removal, it becomes crucial to enter the retention phase of orthodontic treatment. This phase is significant because, after months of wearing braces, you would want your children’s teeth to remain in their desired positions, avoiding the need for future braces. Retainers play a vital role in holding teeth in place after braces removal. Although new retainers may be necessary over time, how can you determine when it is time for a replacement?

One possible reason why your children may require a new retainer is that their teeth can gradually shift over time, causing the current retainer to fit less comfortably. However, following the recommended retainer-wearing regimen can benefit their teeth, making all the time spent on wearing braces worthwhile. Fortunately, retainers are generally more comfortable and easier to wear than braces, so having to obtain a new retainer due to fit issues is not a significant issue.

Another reason for replacing your child’s retainer is if it becomes damaged or cracked. Wearing a broken retainer is not beneficial as it can be uncomfortable and ineffective in maintaining your child’s teeth in their proper positions. Additionally, it’s crucial to maintain the cleanliness of the retainer to avoid bacterial buildup. Finally, it’s essential to keep the retainer away from heat or hot water as it can cause the retainer to melt, necessitating its replacement.

Finally, as with most items, retainers are subject to wear and tear. If you are unsure whether it is time to replace your child’s retainer, please contact our office and schedule an appointment, and remember to bring the retainer along so that our team can assess whether a replacement is necessary. The lifespan of the retainers depends on how well your children care for them. If the retainers are well-maintained, they may last longer, but proper care is crucial to avoid frequent replacements. For instructions on proper retainer care, please feel free to consult a member of the Papasikos Orthodontics team.

It’s essential to remember that receiving new retainers is not a negative event, but it’s crucial to ensure they are adequately maintained. If you have any inquiries or concerns about retainers, feel free to approach a member of our team without hesitation.