What is a front tooth crossbite?

A front tooth crossbite is where a top tooth improperly bites behind the bottom teeth instead of in front of them.

A crossbite needs to be corrected as early as possible because it can cause:

  • Wear or chipping of the teeth
  • Interference with proper jaw growth
  • Loosening of the teeth by damaging the surrounding bone and gum tissue


Early orthodontic treatment (Phase I) is recommended in children who have a mix of adult and baby teeth in order to correct a front tooth crossbite.  Age 7 is the best time for an orthodontist to start checking for issues like this.

Below are before and after photos of an 8 year old patient treated at our office who had Phase I braces on the upper teeth to correct a front tooth crossbite.  The over-retained baby teeth in the initial photos were removed before orthodontic treatment started. Treatment was completed in less than 6 months.