When your kids get their braces on it’s important that they do their best to maintain a clean, healthy smile. By taking proper care of their teeth while wearing braces, once the braces come off their teeth will look even more beautiful. At our Bloomfield orthodontist office we focus on making sure our patients teeth are just as healthy before and after orthodontic treatment.
When your kids wear braces, it’s important that you talk to them about the importance of keeping their teeth clean or else it could lead to serious issues once the braces come off. From tooth decay to gum disease to white spots, all sorts of dental issues can arise if teeth are not properly cared for during orthodontic treatment. Here at Papasikos Orthodontics we recommend these steps for our patients to ensure that your  teeth will stay clean and healthy during orthodontic treatment. Make sure that your kids are following the proper tips on cleaning their teeth while wearing braces. This means that they should be taking care of their teeth the same they would be without braces. Making sure to brush, floss and rinse their teeth is key.

In addition to cleaning their teeth, it’s also important that they watch what they are eating. Speak to our Bloomfield, NJ orthodontist about a list of foods they can and can not eat during orthodontic treatment. Food gets stuck in the brackets and wires and can cause dental issues to occur. In addition to watching what your kids eat, make sure that they also avoid drinking sodas and beverages that contain high amounts of sugar.

Your child should see their general dentist regularly to keep up with hygiene visits. If their dentist requests that the wires be removed, we can make an appointment to do that.

Lastly, if your kids have any bad habits such as nail-biting or picking at wires and braces it’s important to stop these habits as soon as possible.
It’s crucial to teach your kids about the importance of taking care of their teeth especially while wearing braces. It’s also important that kids take care of their teeth and braces because without proper care, orthodontic treatment can last longer, brackets can come loose and wires can bend and poke the gums. The better care your kids take of their teeth while wearing braces, the happier they will be and so will you. For questions or concerns about caring for your kid’s teeth during orthodontic treatment, please call our Bloomfield, NJ orthodontist Papasikos Orthodontics at 973.744.2511.