Do you have crooked teeth? Is there space between your teeth in different areas around your teeth making it hard to clean your teeth properly? If you’ve answered yes, then it just might be the right time for you to call Papasikos Orthodontics. When you come to our office, your teeth will benefit because our team is here to make sure the overall health of your teeth and mouth are in good condition. There are many things that we will look for to determine the appropriate orthodontic treatment for your teeth. Here are some of the things we check for:

Open Bites
Misplaced Midline
Spacing or Crowding

If our team notices any of the above-listed issues, then it’s possible that braces or aligners are for you. Here are some of the different types of orthodontic appliances we may suggest for you depending on what we feel needs fixing after careful examination of your teeth.

Aligners or Headgear
Jaw appliances
Fixed or Removable Space Maintainers

Having to go to an Orthodontist may not seem like a good thing, but if it can help fix certain issues then it’s all worth the visit. Remember that the start to a beautiful healthy smile starts with proper orthodontic care of your teeth. If you haven’t already made an appointment with your dentist or Papasikos Orthodontics, a Bloomfield, NJ orthodontist then you should do so soon!